Small Party or Grand Function for Your Loved one

published on : November 22, 2017 | By: Team Modstay | Category : Party plan

Whether you are planning to throw a small party or a grand function for your loved ones. Modstay has perfect ideas to make you function mesmerizing and remembering. When it comes to throw a party or function for your loved one, the center of perpetration is always your loved one. His preference, liking disliking become the backbone of your party. What if your loved one don’t like the theme of the party. What will please him most? What type of theme he will like most? What should I do to make her happier? These all questions wanders in your mind. But Mod stay is here to help you.

 What Modstay do to make the day special for your loved one.


Surprises has become the new way to celebrate any occasion. And everybody knows how it feels to get surprised by your loved one. Modstay help you to organize a surprise party or grand function or your loved ones.we have different short of events available to all according to your wish and requests.  Every small occasion from 1st birthday to Retirement celebrations or promotion to graduation we make it easier for you to celebrate making sure of your happiness. Our employees would help you out every simpler aspect. We begin with making a list of his/her likes and dislikes and plan up to the event. These memories itself make them know that you remember all their special events.

Personalized Gifts

Special Cakes become a new trend in parties. We offer the best different personalized cake according to the occasion to give a different touch to your celebration. Apart from cakes we have other type personalized give that can offer a charm to your celebration and make your guests dazzled.

Bring out on Games

Who doesn’t like games? Games in parties bring out people together and give them thrilling experience, it breaks the ice and provide new trick to old friends. We arrange special games to make your party adventurous.

Don’t Forgets the Kids

In parties we don’t forget the kids so that you can enjoy party fullest. We offer a one site baby sitter and let know the people it’s easy to enjoy the party while carrying your little ones with you.

So Keep your worry aside and let Modstay help you make your loved ones day special. For planning a party with Modstay you can visit our website. Feel free to contact us .