How Modstay Help Property Owner to get maximum Revenue and maintain the property?

published on : August 21, 2017 | By: Team Modstay | Category : Apartments on Rent

Bought an apartment or house for investment purpose or Worried when renting out your property about maintenance and returns.

Let meet Modstay.

Modstay Help property owner to maintain the property and get maximum revenue.
No matter how big or small the property is?
We take care of every property like apartment, Villa, independent house or a farmhouse.
Benefits when your property is with Modstay,

1: No brokerages

2: Educated and decent Tenants

3: Easy and hassle-free tenant documentation and police verification

4: Regular property checks and maintenance by professionals.

5: More than Average Rentals

innovate enough to keep things simple
Lets Join Modstay to make things easy

Rajesh Said “I invested in a flat around 55 Lacs and was happily living here from last 2 years suddenly good an opportunity to work in the US for a well-known brand.
Want to move on but worried about my investment and maintenance of my flat.Thanks to Modstay as they helped me with their innovative concept with a well-trained team.
it’s been a year and I visited to check the house and it was a great moment to see it as it is apart from that got regular returns from this too.

Modstay care for your property as we understand you invested your hard earned money.

We all need a home but it’s difficult because of dynamic nature of jobs, We have to switch if any opportunity knocks the door.

Modstay Also has big plans for everyone as we want to keep accommodation concept simple yet innovative.

How Modstay Manage property:

Modstay follow a simple process for house owner to list their property

call us on support numbers or register as a partner
List your property and we will approve it on web portal once verified.

Or simply drop us an email on

Good Rent and Maintenance is just a click away.

We assure you that managing a property with your terms would never be so easy.

Modstay Tenants:

Modstay provides accommodation to corporate Employees and working Professionals.