Hourly Hotels in India – Micro Stay Hotels for All Types of Travellers

published on : June 28, 2017 | By: Team Modstay | Category : Hourly Hotels

Saurabh’s honest review: Hourly hotels in India – wait, what? Can we really hire a room for just a few hours in India? Why did no one tell me about it earlier? I have been literally paying bonkers on my travel plans for the last few month.

Shilpa’s best bet: Shilpa, his sister, too has been travelling to Chandigarh for corporate meetings to expand her business. And instead of paying for her accommodation on a per night basis, she chooses micro stay hotels and pays for what she uses by simply logging on to Modstay.

Why do you need hourly hotels in India?

The base logic is simple – we all love to travel, however, we all try to manage it in the cheapest yet the most luxurious ways possible. Whether it is about taking that sleeper bus to doze off and freshen up in a mall’s washroom on a trip with college friends every weekend or you’re heading out with your partner over the week for a backpacking trip – you do have an option of choosing hourly stays in India to optimize your costs and enjoy your trip.

Long story short, you pick a stay as per your convenience and preferences, you use it for that desired amount of time and you pay for only that much. No one bothers you, bugs you or requests you for more.

Who can book an hourly stay in India?

Literally, everyone. However, the instances listed below would make you pick these Indian hourly hotels for the benefits they offer.

1. Hourly hotels in India for College students, backpackers

Hourly hotels in India for College students, backpackers

Don’t we all love to take that overnight journey from Delhi to Shimla or Mumbai to Goa and then run straight to the hills or the beaches without even thinking about paying for the hotel. But we all have that dire urge to freshen up, especially girls. These micro stays in India are a boon for you!

2. Hourly stays in India for Business meetings

Hourly stays in India for Business meetings

We all know the hassles we face when we fly down to a destination in the morning, attend clients back to back and have an evening flight booked for the next destination. Even if we manage to wrap up the work before time, seldom do we get a chance to relax. But, dear traveller, fret no more, for micro stays in India are there to your rescue.

3. Hourly hotels in India for families with kids or elderly travellers

Hourly hotels in India for families with kids or elderly travellers

We all know how tiresome a drive back from Shimla to Delhi can get for little kids or the elderly. Even for the person who has to drive constantly for 8 – 9 long hours it is a hassle. How about on your next trip, you halt at Chandigarh, take a quick nap, walk by the Sukhna Lake in the evening and then leave for Delhi? And all you pay for this quick nap is one fourth of the actual stay cost. Elated, much? Book yourself a comfortable accommodation for few hours with Modstay now!

4. Romantic Hourly hotels in India for couples

Romantic Hourly hotels in India for couples

Well, this one type of traveller is always looking forward to surprising each other. Whether it is about celebrating your anniversary, proposing to your girl, halting at a destination before your next stop, finding some moments of calm amidst the city humdrum or just generally cuddling up together, ‘cause you know this is India and seldom do you see your love — these hotels are an answer to all your woes. The next time you need a space with your partner, book from a range of cosy and romantic hourly hotels in India at pocket friendly prices.

5. Hourly hotels in India for parties

Hourly hotels in India for parties

Don’t we all love house parties? But neither do we all own mansions, not are we approved of drinking too much in the Indian society. So, what should you do the next time you want to party like an animal on a budget? You book yourself a hotel at hourly rates in your city. Call your friends over with the booze, carry those Bluetooth speakers and dance away.

Note: Do remember that the hotel isn’t your property. While you all are more than welcome to chill, however, no one would let you damage the property or let their reputation down in the presence of other guests. As much as we encourage fun in life, we strictly advise you to comply with the rules set by the hotel authorities.

6. Hourly hotels in India for marriages & occasions

Hourly hotels in India for marriages

Yes, these invited guests are travellers too! And sometimes, we have to overpay for their stay. So, the next time you find someone planning an event and a stay for these guests from the nearby areas, a hotel by the hour is what you will need.

Hourly stays in India is the need of the hour with the changing times and this unique concept is here to stay. And so, dear friend, we are going to help you find the right stay, that fits your choices and preferences.

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