Why Hotels Should Provide Room Bookings on an Hourly Basis

published on : April 15, 2017 | By: Team Modstay | Category : Hourly Hotels

Things are changing rapidly if you are not good enough to adapt change then it’s a dead end. India is a country driven by youth and as per UN reports it will be the youngest nation in next 3 years. When we are talking about youth we are talking about change, the New generation has their own approach toward life. Young India talks on scientific figures and we are exploring more productive ways to give new rise to the service industry.

Hourly rate best suited to both – Travellers and Owners

Modstay research said its really impossible to grow fast without huge investments. Competition is really high and only smart business operation can let you breathe in this environment. No one wants to take the risk and we do not suggest to take a risk too but calculated steps for growth are good. Providing rooms in a property on traditional approach might help hotel/property owners to get returns but Modstay can help you to use your inventory more efficiently. Of course, its better to earn 500 in an hour rather than 2000 in a day. As per check-in check-out registers data record show most of the inventory is ideal on an average of 6-7 hours in a day. Yes, Modstay can help you to earn for these 6-7 hours too those were never been a part of your productive inventory.

Change is good and smart change is best. Modstay helping young leaders to implement this hourly operation model too. Modstay assures that it’s not going to give any negative impact on your regular operations. When we talk about a property it needs a huge investment before returns and yes everything we installed like TV, Fridge, furniture etc everything has depreciation and a life end point.

Quality & Customer Satisfaction

A successful business demand a quick recovery of investment, complete recovery of investment in a short span of time assure high growth for sure. Modstay believes in quality and customer satisfaction and we trust in our partners. Any property owner could be a partner with Modstay no matter its a Hotel, Home, Apartment, Villa or PG we have a guest for every segment. Modstay helps their partners to successfully apply the hourly model and also help them to perform best on a day to day operations.

Modstay designed a model after a long research that matches right tenant to property. We care for our partner and make sure that we are booking their property on their terms. Modstay assigns dedicated managers to every property for prompt help to partners. Modstay is just a phone call away from you.Let us know if you have a property and want to make regular income from it.

Why Modstay?

Modstay has multiple plans to get the best return for you from your property. A partner can choose Modstay for one or more segments like Hourly booking, Night booking, weekly or monthly booking. Just check what kind of returns and tenants you need and well will help to grow in that segment. Yes, it is a huge market simply need to decide goals and we are here to help you to get your dreams in your hand. If you are ready to grab change to ensure more returns and growth than Modstay will help you in every aspect.