Why Couples Choose Modstay for renting Rooms and Hotels

published on : November 13, 2017 | By: Team Modstay | Category : Apartments on Rent

If you are planning for a trip and stay with your partner then the first thing runs through your mind is stay. The questions would be “where should I stay ?”, or “in which hotel should I stay?”. There are plenty of options available on internet but what runs in your mind is a check IN – check OUT,  Rentals, amenities , extra amenities , and the biggest if you are unmarried then safety and less interference of judgmental world . whether you are married couple or unmarried couple Modstay have best options available for you.

If we go back Back in 2015, almost 40 couples in Mumbai witnessed breach of privacy when the police knocked on the doors of their hotel rooms and detained them on the charges of ‘indecent behavior in public’. But there is no such law in India that prohibits unmarried couples renting a hotel or room. Modstay wants to explore in this new world of possibilities where unmarried couples can also enjoy the trips and holydays.

How Modstay makes the stay worth remembering:

1. A real jackpot :Hourly hotel and rooms for couples in reasonable price.

2. Modstay ensures co-operative staff and best room service.

3. Modstay ensure privacy and safe stay for couple without any interruptions.

4. soft check-in and check-out policies.

5. A room with the view on the window.

6. Neat and clean rooms with affordable luxury.

7. The rooms with extra amenities.

8. A quiet room.

So visit Modstay search for your room and hotel and by performing some simple steps leave your details there book your choice we will contact you. For any other query you can leave your requirement on contact us.