Benefits of Rented house with Modstay

published on : October 6, 2017 | By: Team Modstay | Category : Apartments on Rent

While moving from one place to another accomodation issues are common. We all thrive to accomodate ourself with the wish lists which starts from the budget and settle down on security. A new commer in a city go through many hectic paths in the process of accomodate himself, that ended up with lure to relinquishing his longings and paying hingh bribes to brokers. Modstay help people to accomodate in perfect home and the lucrative deal is “we do not charge any brokerage”.

Benefits of Rented house with Modstay:

  • Property booking in just a 1000 rupees. when we go through the contractors they demands their bribes and Full rents at the same time to book the propety but here with Modstay you can book the property in just 1000 / token and we do not bid any commision.
  • Modstay avails well suited accomodation which rightly connected to the city to resolve transporatation problems and the location prefered by the tenants.
  • Lower renting costs, short term commitments and no /minimal maintanence and repair cost.
  • Today privacy meassures are considerably checking by tenants, Modastay helps providing greater privacy with less intervention of land owner.
  • Rented properties have to conform to safety standards, Modstay profoundly gauge saftey standards and extend unafraid and dependable property.
  • Multiple options are available for tenants regardless of any discrimination of gender , religion, race etc. the facilities (promised in contracts) are strogly enforcible.
  • Help Line supports by the Modstay Manager also available , if any problem occurs  you can contact on support helpline number (24/7). we solemly bound to resolve the problem promptly.

Why Choose Modstay

Modstay donot propose any false commitments , the transperancy between the tenants and owners always ensures by us. we always line up best options for tenants and negotiates with property owners to keep rent affordable. simply a user can search the property on the site and select the options available, in case you dont find the best suit you can message us we will find one as per you requirements .