5 Tips for Planning a Successful Corporate Event

published on : May 21, 2017 | By: Team Modstay | Category : Corporate Event

Planning a corporate event that is core business activity yet is enjoyable for those in attendance can be a difficult task. Until the actual planning and execution finished no one realizes there are multiple moving parts to consider. While there are lots of steps from start to end, these tips will put every event on the right track.

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Planning a Successful Corporate Event

Steps for Planning a Successful Corporate Event –

Planning For an Event

Modstay create a detailed plan; establish a reasonable timeline, and setting goals are the main steps in throwing a successful corporate event. Writing out a plan will keep everyone in the same place and help get all aspects that may otherwise be overlooked.

How to do Budgeting

This is probably the first problem people consider in regards to corporate event planning. In order to properly allocate funds, we must first have a realistic figure of the costs of each feature of the event. Randomly assigning a budget without the proper research can cause deficits in one area and overages in others. Prepare a list that includes all our expenses, such entertainment, decor, venue, food, etc. and getting quotes is key to setting right budgets for each category.

Choose perfect Venue

Modstay help in choosing the right venue for your entire event. Be sure to visit the venue if required. Modstay will be there to brief how you can best use the space. Pictures can be helping but it is hard to envision scale and overall atmosphere from a photo. Now the biggest factor in choosing the right venue that is enough to seat attendees comfortably for meetings, breakout sessions, dining and so on are easy. Cramming too many people into a small area is a sure fire way to make people uncomfortable and irritated. On the flip side, choosing a venue that is too big can create feelings of detachment and it will lead attendees becoming uninterested.

Make your Program Interesting

The whole reason for the event is the program. Whatever message you are trying to portray, make sure not to overload guests by long sessions. Attendees will become bored and start to lose focus, defeating the purpose of all your planning. Appropriately breaking up meetings with breaks and other activities that allow people to get out of their seats will keep people sharp and attentive for sure.

Make it full of Entertainment

This is what many people planning corporate events do not even consider. This often overlooked portion of the event has the torque to re-energize the crowd by breaking up a long day of meetings or send attendees off excited about our company and what they have learned by placing it at the end of this event. Booking exciting and unique corporate event entertainment is a different kind of a unforgettable experience, If we follow these simple tips, We should be on our way to throwing a successful corporate event.

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